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Lingcorp Final Workshop, November 29-December 1, 2015

The LINGCORP project’s Closing Seminar was held at the Comwell Hotel Roskilde, November 29 – December 1, 2015.

The LingCorp (Language and Interaction in the Globalized Corporation) research project investigates the challenges many corporations experience today as a consequence of the linguistic and cultural diversity present in their staff structures. Research has shown that this kind of diversity poses several challenges to the individual employees as well as to companies, and that these challenges may encumber social integration between co-workers. The aim of LingCorp is to identify these challenges, while working from the notion that linguistic and cultural diversity are a resource. The researchers will determine linguistic practices and language ideologies (attitudes to languages, multilingualism, and integration) in order to find out what happens when people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds meet and interact in a work-situation. The project provides a unique insight into the potentials and barriers due to linguistic and cultural diversity in Danish international corporations.

Pic. I, 1: Hartmut Haberland, bottom right

Pic. I, 2: Janus Mortensen, bottom left

Pic. II, 1: Janus Morten, Hans Jørgen Ladegaard

Pic. II, 2: Mie Femøe, Meredith Marra, Spencer Hazel

Pic. II, 3: Mie Femøe, Meredith Marra, Spencer Hazel

Pic. II, 4: Spencer Hazel, Meredith Marra, Mie Femøe