Linguistic and cultural diversity have become the hallmarks of late modern societies. Globalization has increased population flows in unprecedented ways so that urban centers have been transformed into sites of encounter for groups and communities that are highly diverse in terms of origins, cultural practices and languages.

Technological developments and global connectedness have also contributed to spread diversity as they intensify contact and exchange between peoples who often are spatially removed and culturally different from each other.

        Keynote speakers

        Jan Blommaert

        Tilburg University

        Suresh Canagarajah

        Pennsylvania State University

        Angela Creese & Adrian Blackledge

        University of Birmingham

        Norma Mendoza-Denton

        University of Arizona

        Elana Shohamy

        Tel Aviv University

        Invited Colloquia

        Kendall King & Elizabeth Lanza

        Univ. of Minnesota & Univ. of Oslo

        Luisa Martin-Rojo

        Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

        Ruth Wodak

        Lancaster University